Can You Answer These 10 Questions About Your Social Media Strategy?

social media strategy

social media strategyThere is so much information right now floating around about content strategy. Today I am going to back up and take a top-level look at some things you should have straight to keep your blogs, tweets, and posts strategic and organized. Before you get too crazy in your content creation, ask yourself these 10 important questions:

You Too Can Build a Content Marketing Plan

After listening to some knowledgeable marketing gurus, my take is that investing time and energy into content marketing is well worth it, both for your short-term goals of SEO and marketing communications, and your long-term goals of building customer loyalty and establishing yourself as an expert in your field of business.

What I learned on Facebook Advertising

As a marketing person who is committed to giving the small businesses I work with the best and most realistic advice, I decided that it was high time that I tried some of the new Facebook ad formats for myself. My goal for my Facebook advertising was to find out how my online “word of mouth” would compare to its offline counterpart.

ORM – (Shiny New Buzzword for an age-old Concept)

Most of us who are at least a wee bit familiar with publicity know that this is not a new concept. Call it crises management, or propaganda, or positioning”. This is what public relations folks have been living off for years. It’s essentially how to portray your company, product or service in a good light and when something goes askew, how to repair the damage from a PR standpoint.

"Flag Hair Lady" and the Power of the Second Screen

One of the latest buzzwords floating around online marketing world is the term “second screen engagement” to refer to the fact that more and more people are paying attention to two (or more) screens simultaneously. For instance, they are playing around on their iPhone as they watch a show on TV. The tweeting flurry last night on Twitter about “Flag Hair Lady” was an awesome example of this.

My Top 10 Lessons from Online Marketing Summit Santa Clara

1. Content is still king. Call it in-bound marketing; call it content marketing. Whatever you want to call it, writing and distributing informative and useful articles and tips can grow your business.
2. Step back and integrate. PPC, SEO and social media are ALL important. Get started on developing each of these techniques if you haven’t already, and don’t try to build your online marketing efforts in silos.

Keyword Research: Worth the Effort or a Bunch of Hooey?

Many businesses owners believe that keyword research is just a bunch of hooey. Why put all that effort into figuring out your keywords when it is quite obvious which ones are for you? Well, if you are willing to bet your web traffic on it then, fine. But if you are not COMPLETELY confident that you are using the right keywords in the right circumstances, keep reading.

Why No One “Likes” You Anymore (on Facebook)

Think back. When you were a kindergartener, all you had to do to make a new friend was to proclaim yourself “friends” and, barring any unexpected turns such as the new friend breaking your favorite crayon, you and your newfound buddy could be fairly sure you’d be “friends forever.”

Well, unfortunately keeping your friends/fans on your Facebook business page take as a bit more work than that. Here are 3 tried and true Facebook behaviors to keep yourself on the “ins” with your new fans.

Market Like a Rock Star

After a couple of songs to warm up the crowd the lead singer, Patrick Monahan stopped and took a photo of the crowd and told them he’d post it on his Twitter profile for us after the show. Really? You’ve got a stadium full of 20,000 people and you are gonna take a photo of them? But wait…..that little marketing stunt just got him possibly 10,000 new Followers to sell his next album to! Ohhhhh!

3 Reasons Your Website Should Have Google Analytics

Google Analytics will assist you in planning your marketing goals. Want to double the traffic to your site by a certain date? Want to increase the organic traffic you are getting through SEM? Whatever it is that you are reaching for as a business owner, Google Analytics can help you monitor it.