Keyword Research: Worth the Effort or a Bunch of Hooey?

Many businesses owners believe that keyword research is just a bunch of hooey. Why put all that effort into figuring out your keywords when it is quite obvious which ones are for you? Well, if you are willing to bet your web traffic on it then, fine. But if you are not COMPLETELY confident that you are using the right keywords in the right circumstances, keep reading.

Why No One “Likes” You Anymore (on Facebook)

Think back. When you were a kindergartener, all you had to do to make a new friend was to proclaim yourself “friends” and, barring any unexpected turns such as the new friend breaking your favorite crayon, you and your newfound buddy could be fairly sure you’d be “friends forever.”

Well, unfortunately keeping your friends/fans on your Facebook business page take as a bit more work than that. Here are 3 tried and true Facebook behaviors to keep yourself on the “ins” with your new fans.

Market Like a Rock Star

After a couple of songs to warm up the crowd the lead singer, Patrick Monahan stopped and took a photo of the crowd and told them he’d post it on his Twitter profile for us after the show. Really? You’ve got a stadium full of 20,000 people and you are gonna take a photo of them? But wait…..that little marketing stunt just got him possibly 10,000 new Followers to sell his next album to! Ohhhhh!

3 Reasons Your Website Should Have Google Analytics

Google Analytics will assist you in planning your marketing goals. Want to double the traffic to your site by a certain date? Want to increase the organic traffic you are getting through SEM? Whatever it is that you are reaching for as a business owner, Google Analytics can help you monitor it.

There’s Still No Substitute for an Email Campaign

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said there is no place like home, I’ll say there is nothing like an email campaign.  Sure in the wonderful world of social marketingyou can tweet, post or otherwise get your message out on the web in real-time, but can it actually replace your online newsletters?  I think not. To illustrate my … Read More

If Nothing Else, Get Listed!

What’s that? Yet another online listing agency? Another “tool” to manage? Well, yes and no. I would encourage small businesses to use “Get” to take your virtual pulse on how your listings are coming across on the internet.