Big Brand Social Media Tactics that Small Businesses Can Use

Big brand social media tactics small businesses can use

We all know that big brands and businesses have oodles of money to spend on fancy social media marketing campaigns. But many of the tactics they use are just as easy for small businesses to implement. Here are a few of my favorite social media tactics from larger brands. I include these in my book “The Social Media Cookbook” which is … Read More

Using Hashtags to Grow Your Business

# – once known as the “pound sign” has now transitioned into one of the biggest social media tools today. In case you are not yet a big hashtag user, hashtags are words that you tack on to the end of your social media posting, such as #catlover or #digitalmarketing. When your hashtagged message goes out into the great universe … Read More

ORM – (Shiny New Buzzword for an age-old Concept)

Most of us who are at least a wee bit familiar with publicity know that this is not a new concept. Call it crises management, or propaganda, or positioning”. This is what public relations folks have been living off for years. It’s essentially how to portray your company, product or service in a good light and when something goes askew, how to repair the damage from a PR standpoint.