12 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Chat

12 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Chat_FB

Hosting Twitter Chats gives you the unique opportunity to interact with prospective customers, potential business partners and influencers you might not otherwise reach. By leading the conversation and sharing valuable content with your audience, you can position yourself as a community leader. Your audience will begin to tune in to your chats if you host them regularly and provide specific … Read More

Big Brand Social Media Tactics that Small Businesses Can Use

Big brand social media tactics small businesses can use

We all know that big brands and businesses have oodles of money to spend on fancy social media marketing campaigns. But many of the tactics they use are just as easy for small businesses to implement. Here are a few of my favorite social media tactics from larger brands. I include these in my book “The Social Media Cookbook” which is … Read More

5 Last Minute Social Media Holiday Promotions

Yikes – the holidays are just (days and weeks) away. Do you have something clever up your social media sleeve to increase holiday sales and bring more attention to your brand? Last year, according to Statistic Brain Research, 90% of people reported shopping online and $1.5 billion was spent on Black Friday alone. With online shopping increasing every year, you … Read More

Using Twitter Analytics to Tweet Better

While Facebook Insights is an analytics tool that gets lots of attention, many people forget that Twitter has a very useful analytics tool too. True, Twitter may not provide quite the detail that Facebook does, but it does give you enough data to track your metrics and see what’s working – and what’s not. Here’s what you need to know … Read More

Top Three Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2015

Social Media Marketing World can best be described as an online-marketing-themed Disneyland. This was my first year, and I was amused to walk thru the Networking Plaza where marketers from all over the country and the world are not just chatting and exchanging business cards but also recording videos, podcasting, live streaming with Meerkat, and of course, taking group selfies … Read More

Marketing Book Review: Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

The book I am covering today was published by Entrepreneur Press (I am a fan of Entrepreneur magazine) and is a great guide for both the newbee or advanced Tweeter. It covers what you could expect for the basics but also starts the reader out with a handy-dandy “Lingo Guide” in Chapter 2. Considering the social media world loves to make up words and use them fluently, I think the Lingo Guide is wise. Despite the Lingo Guide, Prodromou writes the book using easy to understand language and offers plenty of screen shots to illustrate his points.

"Flag Hair Lady" and the Power of the Second Screen

One of the latest buzzwords floating around online marketing world is the term “second screen engagement” to refer to the fact that more and more people are paying attention to two (or more) screens simultaneously. For instance, they are playing around on their iPhone as they watch a show on TV. The tweeting flurry last night on Twitter about “Flag Hair Lady” was an awesome example of this.

Market Like a Rock Star

After a couple of songs to warm up the crowd the lead singer, Patrick Monahan stopped and took a photo of the crowd and told them he’d post it on his Twitter profile for us after the show. Really? You’ve got a stadium full of 20,000 people and you are gonna take a photo of them? But wait…..that little marketing stunt just got him possibly 10,000 new Followers to sell his next album to! Ohhhhh!