MozCon 2013…well, it rocked. Here are my top take-aways.

  1. Traditional SEO is going away and marketers need to take a step back and take a more holistic approach to their online marketing.
  2. Branding and storytelling are more important and powerful than ever as the internet continues to get crowded with businesses, blogs and thought leaders struggling to stand out in the crowd.
  3. Your keyword traffic on Google Analytics is no longer accurate and worth tracking due to the changes of Google, Firefox and Chrome.
  4. Search will continue to become more personalized in the future.  This is already well underway in that your search results are different from your neighbors when you are logged into Google. There are no easy, quick fixes for this from an SEO perspective.
  5. The number of Followers you have on Twitter DOESN’T MATTER. It’s a fun metric to watch, but how you convert those Followers to members of your community, subscribers, customers, or evangelist is what matters more.
  6. Mobile is NOW (56% of adult Americans have and use a smart phone) but most businesses do not have a mobile marketing strategy.
  7. Images speak volumes and hold value in terms of content marketing.  Tools and companies are getting more creative to implementing them into your content plan. You should too.
  8. This online world continues to be more noisy and fragmented with everyone placing more emphasis and following people than brands and companies.
  9. Thanks to the power of social, review sites and blogging, companies need to recognize and nurture their evangelists  – those are the people sharing the real stories about your brand and making an impact.
  10. There is no longer an easy formula for SEO. It’s time to get creative. This is an opportunity for big brands and small businesses alike.



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