Have you heard the buzz about the latest Facebook feature: Facebook Live? If not, you will be hearing about it soon. Facebook has jumped on the streaming video trend. Much like Periscope, Facebook Live gives you the ability to live stream video right from your mobile device to a Facebook audience. This opens up possibilities galore for connecting with your audience and showing the fun, approachable and human side of your brand. And the beauty of it is that businesses of any size can take advantage of Facebook Live. There is no extra fee, no new apps to learn, and nothing to download.  Simply use your existing Facebook page to get started.

Although the “how” of Facebook Live shouldn’t give you much trouble, the “what” of your broadcasting plan might be a bit trickier. Here are some ideas for how small businesses can make the most of Facebook Live.


Behind the Scenes Tour. Are your customers curious about how you make your products and the ins and outs of your business? Give them a behind the scenes tour that shows how it all comes together. This is especially effective if you are planning an event or setting up for a party. People will feel like they are part of the action before they get to the actual event.


Give them a Live Demo. Do you have tips for using your service or product that you want to share? Give a live demo of how to use your product from start to finish and answer any questions that come up right then and there.


Do a Quick DIY Class.  There is a reason that YouTube is considered the second largest search engine on the web after Google. People like to learn through videos. Think of some easy videos you can record that will resonate with your audience and plan a series of mini-classes.  A restaurant could stream a video of one of its chefs making a simple dish. A hardware store could show how to repair a dishwasher.


Share a Customer Story. Invite a customer who has used your product or service to solve a business challenge to join you in a Facebook Live session. This is a great opportunity and format for addressing common challenges faced by your customers. Give your audience a chance to ask questions that you or your customer can answer. This lets you have both a Q&A session with your audience and a great customer testimonial.


5 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your BusinessBring Your Business to Them. Do you have a physical storefront? Walk down the aisles using Facebook Live and show your customers what’s going on sale and how much they could save to tempt them to come in and take advantage of your deal.  You can even offer a special Facebook Live Deal with a special discount if they come in within a certain time frame and mention your video.


The list of potential uses for Facebook Live goes on and on. You’re only limited by your creativity! And keep in mind that after you broadcast, your video will go on your timeline so people can see and comment on it for days and weeks to come.

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