As an online marketing addict I have a weakness for marketing books. In fact, I can barely board a plane without picking up the latest book at the airport bookstore. And I am constantly impressed by writers in the online marketing arena that write and publish an entire book of online marketing advice lickity-split — which is about the time period they have before their advice becomes obsolete. So as a tribute to my impressedness (not a real word, I know. It’s why I am writing blogs and not books.) I will be cranking out some book reviews on some of my favorite marketing books and guides.

The book I am covering today was published by Entrepreneur Press (I am a fan of Entrepreneur magazine) and is a great guide for both the newbee or advanced Tweeter. It covers what you could expect for the basics but also starts the reader out with a handy-dandy “Lingo Guide” in Chapter 2. Considering the social media world loves to make up words and use them fluently, I think the Lingo Guide is wise.  Despite the Lingo Guide, Prodromou writes the book using easy to understand language and offers plenty of screen shots to illustrate his points.

He also analyzes some of the Twitter tools on the market in detail so you can figure out which one is the best fit for your needs. In the “Advanced Twitter” chapter, he takes on some of the nitty-gritty on how and why to strategically build lists in Twitter and how to effectively run a Twitter contest.

Probably my favorite part of the book however is the “Twitter Styles” section of chapter. Here he recognizes that just like there are different personalities in the world, there are different personalities that you might adopt on Twitter. Are you a “Linker” or a “Retweeter”? Or perhaps you are a “Matchmaker” or a “Chatterbox”.  Whatever your behavior on Twitter, it is a smart idea to take a step back and recognize your style, and determine if it needs to be maintained or changed to fit with your business image.

Also notable in this book is the “Twitter Success Stories” chapter, which includes interviews with some folks who have done well with Twitter and what they learned. This is a good way to get some concrete ideas and tactics on expanding your Twitter presence.

So if you are looking for a guide with some practical tips on getting started on Twitter or making your Twitter behavior more strategic, I would check out this book. For those of you out there who have found something on par or better than this one, please send me an email and let me know.

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