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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads Manager offers one of the most popular ads platforms to run Facebook and Instagram ads. Facebook ads are so popular that over 3 million businesses use Facebook ads to reach their audience.

Given that Facebook and Instagram advertising is common, creating and running effective ads for your social media marketing should be quick, easy, and consistent, right?

This is rarely the experience of most new Facebook advertisers. The Ads Manager tool for Facebook and Instagram changes daily. Plus, Facebook continues to roll out different advertising rules and restrictions. It can be downright mind-boggling to keep up.

We can help take the guesswork out of social media ad management by providing direction and counsel in a one-to-one consultation to answer your ad questions, provide training for you and your team, or set up and run the ads for you.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Services

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management Services

Our typical Facebook & Instagram Ad management package includes:


Review of past ads' activity and account set up


Set up of Facebook pixel (Facebook or Instagram)


Set up of custom audiences


Ad planning based on goals


Ad copywriting and image selection based on your image library or stocks images


Ad set up and management


Ad analysis and reporting

Facebook & Instagram Ads Training

Our typical Facebook & Instagram Ads training includes:


Pre-meeting questionnaire to understand your goals, challenges, and interests

1-hour in-person training of ads over video

Recording of training and meeting

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