Fall is the perfect time to reevaluate your social media marketing tools.  The right social media tools can save you time, efficiency, and streamline your organization.

Here are a few of my favorite social media marketing tools that I use for my own business and managing social media marketing for my clients.

Social Media Scheduling Tool for Scheduling and Analyzing Your Posts

AgoraPulse (https://www.agorapulse.com/)

It’s important to have a content scheduling tool so you can schedule some of your posts at optimal times.  If the tool also allows you to analyze your posts and engage with people, even better. AgoraPulse is my favorite tool for doing this. It’s also great for teams because it allows multiple users for each account so you can see what social tasks others have done.

Stock Photo Resource for Sourcing Social Media Images

DepositPhotos (https://depositphotos.com)

There are a handful of great stock photo sites to choose from. They vary in terms of pricing, plans, and asset types (i.e. photos, graphics, or video clips). I’ve been using DepositPhotos for many years and I like the fact that it’s quick and easy to find quality photos when I need them. I also like the ability to purchase 100 photos at once and then search and download photos as needed.

Graphic Creation Tool to Make Graphics for Your Social Media Posts

Canva (https://www.canva.com/)

Canva was one of the first online tools of its kind. Even though there are now many others like it on the market, it’s still my fave. I am by no means a graphic artist, but Canva’s templates and tutorials have helped me to quickly design professional-looking graphics for social media marketing easily. I especially love the ability to resize my graphics (using the paid Canva at Work plan) for any social media marketing platform.

News Aggregator to Stay Up-to-date on Your Industry News

Feedly (https://feedly.com)

News happens at lightning speed these days and it can be a challenge to stay current. If you like to share the newest trends and industry news in your social media marketing, then Feedly is for you. This online tool allows you to create multiple groups of news outlets and blogs which you can organize by theme or topic. You can then simply log on to Feedly each day to see what’s new and use the built-in social sharing buttons to share it with your followers.

Landing Page Creation & Management Tool to Build Your Funnel

Leadpages (https://www.leadpages.net)

This last tool is less of a social media resource and more of a tool to get your most out of your social media campaigns and advertising. One of the challenges I’ve seen with small businesses and non-profits is the ability to quickly produce landing pages to drive their traffic to. This is particularly important with social advertising because the success of your entire campaign often depends on your landing page layout, copy, and functionality. Leadpages is a tool that allows you to design landing pages and opt-in forms. It gives you a range of templates to use and integrates with your email service provider, payment systems and other operational tools to help you convert prospects into customers or email subscribers.

It’s no mystery that social media marketing and advertising can get overwhelming and time-consuming. By using efficient tools like the ones above, you can work smarter and not harder to reach your marketing objectives.

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