The beginning of a new year often evokes excitement and opportunity for most small businesses and nonprofits. But 2021 also has brought many questions and worries.

How will social distancing impact your business this year?

What changes will you need to make to stay in business?

How will your marketing need to adjust to the future?

Challenge brings creativity. Now that we’ve had a good year to absorb the shock and adjust to the pandemic, it’s time to plan ahead with these 3 tips for rethinking your small business or nonprofit marketing.


#1. Create digital content for your small business or nonprofit that is part of the solution. 

Social media has long been the place to share insights and advice on your expertise. Your audience will especially appreciate your tips in this time of adjustment. Think through what your followers and potential customers are challenged by and see if you can share tips and advice to help them with those problems.

For example, Next Great Step is a career coaching solution for college graduates. The pandemic has given college grads an extra challenge: how to interview on Zoom. To address this need, Next Great Step expanded to share tips through their blogs, training, and webinars on how to perform well in video interviews.

What problems are your followers facing? How can you help them?  Create a short video or text overlay image that shares a simple tip or resource they would appreciate. 


#2. Ramp up your social media, online ads, and other digital marketing to reach your audience. 

The impact of Covid has impacted the options businesses have for marketing. Social distancing regulations have put the entire industry of event promotions on hold. If you are like most small businesses or nonprofits, you relied on some kind of event or in-person gatherings to sell, network, or reach your audience. 

Last Spring I was managing speakers at Social Media Marketing World – an event that drew 5,000 social media professionals together as speakers, sponsors, or attendees. Needless to say, it won’t take place this year and those who were depending on that event have had to find new ways to fill that “event marketing” void. 

Many of our clients have increased their social media activity. Others have launched Google and Facebook ads to take advantage of the increased time people are spending online.

If you haven’t yet, this is a year to branch out to expand your online presence. Hone in your online marketing skills to make connections and establish trust with your followers so they get to know and appreciate you.


#3. Show your nonprofit or small business’s journey through social media to remind your followers we are all in this together. 

Long, long gone are the days that we need to act like everything is perfect. The reality is that everyone is dealing with Covid challenges in one way or another. This worldwide pandemic has opened the door to authenticity like never before. With authenticity comes the chance to connect with your audience. We’ve all struggled and we are all in it together. 

Show your human side on social media.

Are your kids home from school and lending a hand with your family business? We can all relate to juggling family and work from home. Craft a funny post about it. Are you a restaurant owner who has narrowed down your options to just take-out or outdoor seating?  Explain how that has impacted your life and that of your employees. Or if you’ve gone out of your way to build outdoor seating, share the creative ways you’ve come up with to keep your customers warm in Winter. 

Take customers behind the scenes to show how you are coping and staying positive. Because if there is one thing we could all use this year, it’s an uplifting story about people making the most of a hard circumstance.

These are just a few tips and strategies you can use in your social media marketing to reach your clients and customers. As always, if there are any marketing questions I can help you with, I am available to chat. Just drop me a note on the Contact Us page.

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