If you are just getting started with your Instagram business page or need some inspiration on where to find enough content to deliver consistent activity, look around.  No, really!  Look around the office, at industry leaders, at your customers, your employees and your products/services!  Content inspiration is everywhere!  Take a look at our easy to implement business posts for Instagram.

Instagram Business Page Post Ideas

  • Share your professional work environment. Show the location where you work, such as pics of your city and fun work settings. There is even a selfie hashtag for your desk: #deskie!
  • Take followers to events. Give updates on an event you attend. If it is your event, share the setup process.
  • Support industry influencers. Want to give a shout-out to an author or thought leader? Take a photo of yourself with their book and tag the author with positive feedback.
  • Create inspirational quotes. Make images that align with your brand. These are easy to do with Word Swag and other graphic creation apps. Be sure to add your logo to your image for additional branding power!
  • Show happy customers. Everyone likes to see happy customers. If a happy customer leaves you a nice review or better yet, tags your business on their personal page, share that post!!
  • Introduce employees. Your employees are an extension of your brand and have their own following. Appreciate them publicly when they are hard at work.Post Ideas for Instagram Business Pages
  • Share how-to video tutorials. Got something to teach your audience? What better way than with a quick 60-second video? (Not sure how to get started on videos? Check out my blog post here: Getting Started with Videos for Social Media Doesn’t Have to be Scary.)
  • Photograph products in their natural element. Show stylized photos of your product in various settings or in use by customers.

Instagram is an important and effective marketing tool for your business IF you have the content to support consistent activity.  The good news is that content is all around you! If you are interested in learning more about how you can have an effective Instagram business page, download The Social Media Cookbook: Strategic Marketing Recipes for Small Business Success or contact us for a FREE Social media marketing checklist at christina@marketingstaircase.com.

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