If you’ve ever been to an amazing concert, you know how an event can engage your senses like nothing else. Last week I went to a Coldplay concert and it was a bit mesmerizing.  The entire experience pulled me in: from the upbeat music in my ears, to the laser light show in front of me, to the oversized bouncing balls that floated over my head in the stands.

It occurred to me that the band captured 3 simple elements that are needed to pull in and resonate with an audience, and that those elements work just as well on social media.


#1 Make your audience part of the show. Sure, the band had its fancy laser light show on stage, but then it went a step further to include the 60,000 people inside the stadium. Coldplay handed out wrist bands to every attendee. When the music played, the wrist bands were programed to light up and blink in choreography to the music. We were literally part of the show.

How can you get the same wow out of your clients with your social media? Invite them to be a part of it. “User-generated content” is a bit like the wrist band idea. Give your clients a chance to take photos at your business or with your products. Run contests that get their feedback on your business, and then recognize them in an out-of-the-ordinary way with a gift. Make them feel like part of your business.


#2 Share stories your audience cares about. Throughout the Coldplay concert, the lead singer, Chris Martin, mentioned things that we Seattleites love. He talked about being a “12” – the ever-popular Seahawks theme. He played the first song they ever performed in Seattle at one of our landmark bars. He took a moment to remember the people in the world who were suffering from the latest natural disasters. He pulled on our heart strings and we all cheered.

What would make your social media audience cheer for you?  Do your homework and find out. Understand what your Facebook fans care about. Is it the community? Is it how your product solves their worst problem? Discover how your business makes your clients’ lives better and post content and images that reflect that. I promise you will see more post likes.


Engage on Social Media Like a Rock Star#3 Ask your fans for what you want.  At the performance, the well-intentioned people of Seattle all were snapping photos and videos with their cell phones (like you do) rather than giving the show our full attention. Chris Martin actually stopped and asked that we all put away our cell phones for 5 minutes and just listen to the music.  Wait, what? What could actually make 60,000 people put away their phones and pay attention?  Apparently just one lead singer asking can. It was unusual, but it was authentic, and we all did it.

Stop and figure out – what do you want from your fans?  A testimonial?  A referral?  Their thoughts on your product or service so you can make the next one better?  Social media is a way for you to connect individually and directly with your audience. Decide what you really want from them, and then find an authentic and personal way to ask for it.


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