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Video marketing is one of the fastest growing online marketing trends. YouTube ads offer small businesses and nonprofits the opportunity to get their business in front of the right targeted audience.

Whether you are sharing how-to videos related to your niche or branding videos to explain your product or service, YouTube ads are a powerful tool because they are managed through the robust Google ads platform. YouTube ads can be used to grow awareness, educate your audience, and generate leads that will transfer into sales.

In addition to managing your YouTube ads, we can also help you set up your YouTube channel and videos for success.

Below are some ways we can assist you:

YouTube Ads Service

YouTube Advertising & YouTube Channel Marketing Services

YouTube Ads Management


General Google Ads Platform Setup:

Review of existing campaigns, analytics, and accounts to see what has worked, and make sure all Google accounts are properly connected and settings correct for remarketing.  


YouTube Ads Creation:

Create the strategy for each new campaign, and manage the ad campaign during its run time.

Set up Google Tag Manager for Google/YouTube Ads Tracking:

Basic setup of Google Tag Manager container.

General YouTube Channel Marketing

Not sure if your small business is ready to run ads yet? Oftentimes businesses want to tidy up their YouTube channel marketing before they launch YouTube ads. This ensures your channel looks professional and is optimized to engage your audience.


Overall YouTube Channel Optimization:

Hashtag/tag/keyword list, optimize channel elements including digital signature, and provide guidance on trailer videos for new and returning subscribers.

Create Playlists:

Organizing your videos into playlists allows visitors to quickly find the content they are looking for and binge-watch content on your channel.

End Cards and End Screens:

Elements such as end cards and end screens direct your viewers to take the next action – whether that is visiting your website, watching another video, or subscribing to your list.

Individual Video Optimization:

Review videos, write keyword-rich descriptions, add tags, and expand titles if needed to include keywords, setting up/editing closed captioning, and create & add a thumbnail image.

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