Does your small business need a go-to plan for social media marketing?

Does your small business need a go-to plan for social media marketing?

Successful social media marketing is like great cooking, you need to understand the basics, have the right tools, know how to follow a recipe, and have the confidence to mix in a dash of creative inspiration. The Social Media Cookbook is a go-to guide for small businesses looking to get started “cooking” on social media, develop a strategy, or spice up their existing social media with tips and techniques to increase engagement and build up a loyal base of customers.

Inside you will find:
  • Instructions and how-to guides for the major social media platforms for business: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Overviews of some other fast-growing social media platforms.
  • Sample “recipes” that small and medium-sized business have used to reach their social media goals.
  • Examples you can replicate from the “Head Chefs” – social media campaigns and tactics from some of the world’s best-known brands.
  • Along the way, The Social Media Cookbook sprinkles in numerous tips, strategies and techniques for mounting social media campaigns, coming up with fresh content, and planning your social media activity.

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A cookie cutter approach to social media doesn’t work – but strategic planning, and social know-how creativity does.

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Here’s what readers have said about The Social Media Cookbook:

“Practical, real-world advice to help you master social media marketing. It’s filled with super-practical tips unlike some books that offer general, generic thoughts about social media that don’t actually help you. This is the perfect guide for a marketer who needs to take action on social media but isn’t sure where to start. I highly recommend it!”Andrea Vahl, Co-Author of Facebook All-in-One for Dummies

“If you are new to social media for your small business, this is all you need…. The Social Media Cookbook provides small business owners with the social media foundation they need, plus the necessary strategies to effectively implement social media for their businesses.”Liz Jostes, Principal, Eli Rose Social Media

“From overwhelm, to clear and calm…I’m now able to coach and support clients with social media (at a basic level), and then I can send them to this book for more. What a relief. A tidy little handbook that’s worth every penny.”Jennifer MacLeod, Business Consultant and Author of How to Become Self-employed in Seattle