The number of people shopping online before the holidays is staggering. According to eMarketer, 4 out of 5 internet users are researching gift ideas and product reviews online before buying and 10% of them are using social media channels to do that research. It’s no wonder that Facebook ads are busier than ever.

Are you using Facebook ads to capture the attention of all those folks? If not, here are 3 ad strategies you can get started with today.


Use Local Awareness Facebook Ads.

Shopping with a mobile device is popular this holiday season and so is shopping locally. Local awareness ads take advantage of these two shopping styles by showing your ads to people while they are in your area. Ideally you want to set the ad up to target people in zip codes that are close enough to shop at your store. Then schedule your ads at hours you are open for business and create a strong call to action button promoting a discount or special your business is running.


Retarget Ads to Sell to Past Website Visitors.


If you haven’t yet done so, you will want to get the Facebook Pixel installed on your website as soon as possible. The benefits are enormous. Once it’s placed, you can then do things like retarget visitors who come to your website and track conversions. A large majority of your website visitors will come to your site and never return. Retargeting ads give you a chance to remind your visitors about you. Capturing these visitors onto a list is especially important if you are running other campaigns to drive traffic to your website, such as offline advertising or Google Adwords. You won’t be able to view the visitor names, but you can show them ads highlighting your products and services.


Connect with People on Your Email List.

Your email list is a valuable commodity. You can make that list even more valuable by uploading it to Facebook and then showing your ads to people on the list. Uploading the list as a Custom Audience is surprisingly simple. Although not all of the emails will match with their Facebook profiles, those that do match up are more likely to engage with your ad, click through to your website, and become a Facebook follower. If your email list is segmented into customer interests, you can upload your list by interest and set up specific ads to show to each of those audiences.


So take advantage of the millions of people researching and shopping online and give these 3 ad strategies a try. And if you need some pointers on setting up the ads, feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to help.


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