Do you find that holiday related promotions sneak up on you or even worse, pass you by? Annual celebrations and holidays such as the 4th of July are a quick and easy way to remind your customers and potential customers that you appreciate them. In addition, it gives you a chance to have a memorable interaction with them – online or offline. It’s also an opportunity to promote almost any product or service, as long as you at least somewhat try to link your promo to the event at hand.

Promoting for an event usually takes at least a few days to a week of planning and implementing tweaks to your website, but there are plenty of things you can do at the last minute if need be.

Here are some ideas for you, just in case you have waited until the last minute:

  1. Announce a Pinterest contest asking your customers to submit their photos of your product and them on the 4th of July. (e.g., if you sell children’s clothing, customers can submit photos of their children wearing your clothes at a July 4th picnic.)
  2. On social media ask what your followers like best about being American. Share your favorite answers and offer a 20% discount on their next purchase.
  3. On a blog or social media platform ask your followers to vote for red, white, or blue without explaining why. Later, go back and announce that you’re giving all those who chose red a $5 gift certificate or free sample of your product.
  4. If you have a physical storefront, hand out mini-sized American flags or red, white, and blue balloons to kids who come into your store all weekend. Offer a discount to anyone who shares a selfie with themselves and the flag on their social media account.
  5. Have a “Red, White, and Blue Weekend” Sale in which you discount any products that are red on Friday, any products that are white on Saturday, and any products that are blue on Sunday.
  6. Throughout the weekend, post interesting and little-known (but sharable) facts about American history in social media updates.
  7. Post a close up photo of a product that is red, white, or blue on your Facebook page and offer a prize for the follower who guesses what it is.

These ideas can be repurposed for other holidays if you just tweak them a bit. Pick one to try this holiday and then brainstorm on some others you can use in the fall and winter holidays.

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