Is your business ready for the holiday season?  There will be plenty of people shopping online over the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that 69% of Americans – about 164 million people – will be shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend this year. And according to a recent survey conducted by VigLink, a market research firm, 32% of shoppers plan to turn to social media to get ideas. So…. whether your business is creating promotions for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sofa Sunday (yep, that’s a new one!) or Cyber Monday, it’s best to be ready on social media for all those gift-giving researchers.

Here are 3 social media promotion ideas you might consider:

#1 Use visual marketing to engage your customers throughout your social media.

We all know that engaged customers are more likely to recommend products and services to others and come back for repeat business. Why not ask your customers to tell you which products THEY think should be on sale?  For example, a photo on social media could show three purses side by side and ask your Facebook fans which one should be 25% off. Once your customers have weighed in on your specials, they are much more likely to remember them when gift giving.


#2 Tap into an influencer on social media this holiday.

Do you have a relationship with any influencers in your marketplace? Make a deal with them to trade products or pay them to promote your business via social media to their followers. Influencers can take selfies with your product, talk about its benefits, recommend it for a gift or even share your posts with a comment. Just make sure your influencer shares to the same audience that you want to reach and shares content that will resonate with your prospective customers.


#3 Show your support for a charity in your social media posts.

Show your holiday spirit by selecting a charity to recognize over the holidays.  You can weave the mission and goal of your charity into your social media posts and tweets.  In addition, you can share that you will be having “special giving” days or times when you will give a portion of sales to that charity.


And don’t forget to keep up your posts over the holiday season. In the days leading up to the holidays, increase both sales related and non-sales related content on social media. For non-sales related content, post interesting and little-known (but sharable) facts and history about your favorite holiday in social media updates (e.g., Thanksgiving).  There will be a significant increase in activity on social media from both businesses and personal sharing, so you want to make sure your messages get noticed.


More purchases than ever are being influenced by social media.  Make sure your business is a part of that trend this holiday season!

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