Easy Peesy Guide for Social Media Image Sizing

Let’s face it, creating images for social media marketing sounds simple, but there a lot of pesky details to know. You’re a busy marketer – your brain doesn’t have extra space for memorizing things like the exact pixel size of a LinkedIn hero image. Not to mention, every time a social media platform updates their layout the image sizing can change too. Fear not – I’ve compiled all the important image sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for you in this blog.

Facebook Images:

LinkedIn Images:


Twitter Images:


Instagram Images:

I plan to keep this easy-peesy guide up to date so feel free to bookmark it and check back as you need it. My recently released book, The Social Media Cookbook: Strategic Marketing Recipes for Small Business Success includes these tips and more to help you keep all the pesky social media details straight. You can find it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions here: amzn.to/2ika6db

Easy Peesy Guide to Social Media Images