Looking for some last-minute ways to promote your business during the holidays?  Social media is a busy place right now with more people shopping online than ever.  One of the best advantages of social media marketing is you can share messages instantly. Here are five ways you can use social media today to drive more attention to your business.

#1. Sell It with Social Media Selfies.

Entice your Instagram users to take photos of themselves with your product and tag your company for the chance to win a free gift or holiday spending spree.  The more their photo is shared and liked the higher their odds for winning. You will soon find that your followers will be promoting you with more interest than ever before, which will likely result in more exposure, website traffic, and sales for you.

#2. Be the Expert on Holiday Shipping.

If it’s one thing all holiday shoppers do, it’s procrastinate. People get busy and before they know it, they should have already sent out those gifts to friends and relatives. Be the helpful online business that reminds folks when to get their gifts in the mail so they can plan accordingly. Reminders of when to ship for Christmas delivery for standard mail, priority mail, and first class mail will be much appreciated the day before folks need to rush to the post office.

#3. Serve Facebook Ads to a “Warm” Audience.

Plan a Facebook advertising campaign with your most popular products and services and show it to a “warm” audience – people who are already familiar with you.  It’s been shown time and time again that ads are much more effective when shown to people who know you because they have been to your website, Facebook page, or are on your email list.  For a guide on how to get started, go to Bit.ly/FB_Retargeting to read a quick step-by-step guide.

#4. Show Your Support for a Charity.

Show your holiday spirit by selecting a charity to recognize over the holidays.  You can weave the mission and goal of your charity into your social media posts and tweets. In addition, you can share that you will be having “special giving” days or times when you will give a portion of sales to that charity.

#5. Feature Sales with Instagram and Facebook Stories. 

Instagram and Facebook stories have been a huge hit in the past years and these 24-hour-long posts are the perfect way to tell people about your time-sensitive sales. Spread the word about your promotions and sales with short videos, photos, or text images. Be creative and embellish your stories with filters, stickers, drawings and hashtags.

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