3 Powerful Facebook Ads to Start Using Today

Facebook advertising

The number of people shopping online before the holidays is staggering. According to eMarketer, 4 out of 5 internet users are researching gift ideas and product reviews online before buying and 10% of them are using social media channels to do that research. It’s no wonder that Facebook ads are busier than ever. Are you using Facebook ads to capture … Read More

Cyber Monday Countdown

The latest reports have claimed that Cyber Monday will be … Do you have a plan for Cyber Monday to make sure you area getting the most of the many, many people that will be online?  If not, don’t panic, I have a plan for you:   Day 7: Brainstorm about Your Goal.  This is the most important part, so … Read More

There’s Still No Substitute for an Email Campaign

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said there is no place like home, I’ll say there is nothing like an email campaign.  Sure in the wonderful world of social marketingyou can tweet, post or otherwise get your message out on the web in real-time, but can it actually replace your online newsletters?  I think not. To illustrate my … Read More