How to Avoid Getting ”Scoogled”

The SEO community is at a challenging point. We all know that Google is in charge and that they have every right to run their business as they see fit. The difficultly is this: Every time they change their algorithm or put their foot down on what was formerly an acceptable SEO technique, the rest of us get, well….. “Scroogled”.

Here are some things you will want to be mindful of to stay on the right side of optimizing your blog or website:

10 Great Take Aways from MozCon 2013

MozCon 2013…well, it rocked. Here are my top take-aways. Traditional SEO is going away and marketers need to take a step back and take a more holistic approach to their online marketing. Branding and storytelling are more important and powerful than ever as the internet continues to get crowded with businesses, blogs and thought leaders struggling to stand out in … Read More

Why All Searches Are NOT Created Equal

A common way that we marketing folk like to differentiate searches is by dividing them into these 3 types: an informational search, a transactional search, and a navigational search. I will explain each one and give an example of how each “touch” could make a difference to you if you were the owner of a seafood restaurant.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Business blog

With the current craze on inbound marketing and SEO being more powerful than ever, you will find a slew of professionals telling you as a business owner that you need to have a blog. But do you really? And even more important, is the time and effort that you put into a blog going worth it for you and your business? Here is a quick list of benefits of having a business blog to help you make the decision.

SEO for Small Businesses – What’s the Bare Minimum?

SEO for small businesses

Now before we go much further, let me say that I am not, in any way, encouraging you to do the bare minimum for SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. The fact is that there a many smart moves you can make on the SEO front that are well worth the time and effort. This post is for those of you who won’t do ANYTHING if you see a long list for SEO because it just seems like too much to take on.SEO for small businesses

Keyword Research: Worth the Effort or a Bunch of Hooey?

Many businesses owners believe that keyword research is just a bunch of hooey. Why put all that effort into figuring out your keywords when it is quite obvious which ones are for you? Well, if you are willing to bet your web traffic on it then, fine. But if you are not COMPLETELY confident that you are using the right keywords in the right circumstances, keep reading.

If Nothing Else, Get Listed!

What’s that? Yet another online listing agency? Another “tool” to manage? Well, yes and no. I would encourage small businesses to use “Get” to take your virtual pulse on how your listings are coming across on the internet.